University of Minnesota

Responding to Students in Distress:
The Four R’s

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize common academic, personal, and physical indicators of student distress.
  • Determine their role in responding to students in distress.
  • Respond effectively to students in distress.
  • Utilize critical campus resources that support faculty and staff in responding to students in distress.

Training Description

Students with conditions impacting their mental health now enter colleges and universities in unprecedented numbers. Recent research identifies mental health concerns as the number one public health issue that students face. Not surprisingly, faculty and staff are increasingly confronted with challenging situations and student crises that require effective responses and timely action.

This interactive workshop will provide participants a simple framework to skillfully recognize and respond to students in distress. Using relevant case studies and focused group discussions, attendees will review and apply collaborative ways to effectively respond to a range of distressful student situations. Unique considerations for international students and scholars will be addressed along with considerations for accessing disability resources. Additional resources on the campus website will be highlighted.

This training is available upon request for University departments or Academic units.

Contact Matt Hanson, PhD, LP, Assistant Director of the Boynton Mental Health Clinic (612-624-1444, for questions on availability and scheduling.

Twin Cities Campus: